Difference between hydrolyzed whey protein, whey protein concentrate, and whey protein isolate?

If you are into fitness then you must be aware about whey protein supplements. It is one of the most popular supplements and a lot of people have included it in their diets. If you’re also planning to take whey protein, then the first thing is to be aware of which kind of whey protein is most suitable for you. Find out what whey protein is and how it is different from whey isolate and whey concentrate.

Nutrabay whey protein

What is whey protein?

Whey protein is a mixture of protein derived from whey. Whey is the liquid product that is obtained as a by-product in the cheese making process. It is considered to be a fast digesting dietary supplement and complete protein because it has all nine essential amino acids required by the body. Various studies have shown that for muscle growth whey protein is the best form as compared to casein or soy protein. Among the many brands available in the Indian market, Nutrabay whey protein is best selling ones.

Different types of whey protein

Two of the most common types of whey protein are – whey isolate and whey concentrate. There are several differences between whey isolate and whey concentrate and these are mainly due to the processing methods used to obtain these derivatives.

Once liquid whey is obtained, it goes through various stages of processing. The easiest way to understand the difference between these two is that whey isolate goes through more processing making its price higher and whey concentrate has less processing steps which means it is slightly cheaper as compared to whey isolate. Even though the form might be different, but the type of amino acids found in both are the same.

Another major difference between whey isolate and whey concentrate is the lactose content. Whey isolate has up to 1 gram lactose, while whey concentrate has nearly 3.5 grams of lactose. The purity of whey isolate is higher and that’s why it is more expensive.

Benefits of whey isolate

Whey isolate has a high nutritional content and various benefits for your body. This is the reason that it has gained so much popularity. Some of the main benefits of whey isolate are –

  1. Promotes muscle growth

By incorporating high quality protein in your diet, you can build muscles, maintain them, and even reduce fat tissues. Whey isolate supplements will help you all of this.

  1. Helps in weight loss

Various studies have shown that consuming whey protein regularly helps in weight loss. It fills you up and you feel satiates, thus reducing your overall calorie intake. It also helps in reducing fat tissues and building lean muscles that will reflect in weight loss.

  1. Easy to digest

Whey isolate supplements are easy to digest helping you get a toned body. The protein gets absorbed quickly, especially when consumed in liquid form.

  1. Low fat and lactose levels

Whey isolate has less than 1% lactose and it is also low on fat. This means your body will get good quality protein without adding any extra fat.

  1. Contains all essential amino acids

Whey isolate is considered to be a complete protein because it has all nine essential amino acids required by the body for repair and maintenance. Amino acids aren’t made in our body and one needs to consume them from food sources. The nutrients of whey isolate help increase your athletic performance and reduce tissue damage.

Which is better – whey concentrate or whey isolate?

Whey isolate goes through intensive processing than whey concentrate which results in whey isolate containing more protein content, less fat, less carbohydrates, and less lactose. It is a good choice for those who want to limit their fat content and get high quality pure protein. But the one thing to keep in mind is that whey isolate powders are a lot more expensive than whey concentrate.

In order to maximize the results of your workouts and promote muscle growth and maintenance, whey isolate is great. But if you’re just a beginner and have just started your fitness journey, then take it slow and start with whey concentrate. It will help you get an idea how the supplement is reacting to your body and you can align the outputs as per your ultimate fitness goals.

One of the best whey protein supplements online in India is Nutrabay whey protein. It is affordable, of high quality, and gives best results.

Can lactose intolerant people also have whey protein, whey concentrate, and whey isolate?

A lot of people ask this question and the answer is yes, even lactose intolerant people can take whey protein supplements. The lactose content in all these supplements is quite low and will not cause any allergic reactions. Whey isolate has a lot less lactose content than whey concentrate, making it ideal for those who cannot consume milk.

But it is always recommended that you consult your doctor before taking whey protein.